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Heading home after a fab wedding in Rosswald!

Off to Switzerland for my brother’s wedding; 30 deg in Geneva, between 9-20 at 1800m. Am enjoying the challenge of ‘one-bagging’ for this trip, Outlier & Bluffworks feature heavily. Cheating slightly with a PeakDesign Sling too for camera, iPad etc.

Hydrangeas looking fab! 👌🏻 #portraitmode #pleasenohosepipeban

Perfect weather for a family picnic! #nationaltrust

“These companies have a reason to exist over and above just to make a profit: They have a purpose.” swissmiss Brands With Purpose

Following the cleaning up of my iPhone X “first screen”, inspired by Tim Nahumck, I’ve now tackled my iPad and it does make a difference having a clean opening screen; daily essentials in the dock and everything else in folders. Cleaner, neater, calmer.

“Grace” by David Austin. Upgraded my Olympus OM-D and learning to use it again manually.

I am experimenting with a much cleaner iOS home screen configuration - everything not used daily is in folders on a second screen. Inspired by Tim Nahumck.

Dry as a bone! #halideapp

Summertime walks

Tunsgate Quarter, Guildford #tunsgatequarter #artdeco

Too hot for a fur coat! #milobaker

I haven’t really ever played with PiP on MacOS but as I sit at home on my MBP and watch KOR-GER am really appreciating how well it works with BBC iPlayer.

Cats ready to be loved! Nice to see this on the longest journey home ever #adoptacat #BatterseaDogs&CatsHome #London

I’ve enjoyed pulling together my “Life Stack” page and realising all the amazing apps, hardware and services out there. I’ll keep building this out and hopefully may help someone (or just be a useful personal record!)

Planet Earth II Soundscapes

Amazing releases by the BBC - 10-hour looped audio/video soundscapes presumably part of their Planet Earth II recordings:

Grassland Sounds

Island Sounds

City Sounds

Jungle Sounds

Desert Sounds

Mountain Sounds

Relaxing Oceanscapes

Ideal for our 6-week old baby too!

Swift cider on a sunny Sunday afternoon ☀️ 👪

Angel Court, London

Thanks to @jack for the inspiration for the Lifestack page, I love the concept and am slowly building mine out - still need to complete the list and start adding some commentary (even if only for my own records!).

Taking inspiration from fellow micro.bloggers, I’ve started consolidating my various sites into and added some pages: Now, Lifestack and About